Credit Doesn’t Matter – Buying A Home with Bad Credit

Credit Doesn’t Matter With Us
Because We Can Help Fix It

Credit is one of the main reasons why home buyers are not able to purchase their own home, and we’ve created a solution for that.  With credit being such an important part of getting approved for a mortgage loan approval and buying a home, most people don’t have a clue where to start improving or fixing their credit.  With over 20 years of experience in improving and fixing credit, our “Home Buying Credit Improvement Program” will take all the guesswork out of what is affecting your score and what isn’t.  You will be assigned a “Home Buying & Credit Coach” who will provide you a written plan with instructions for your Credit Repair & Improvement.  At the same time, your “Home Buying & Credit Coach” will explain each step so that you can understand why we are doing certain and actions and what to expect for results.  Your “Home Buying Coach” will teach you about credit so that you understand what and why certain things affect your credit scores and why other things don’t.  On top of answering all your questions about credit, your “Home Buying Coach” will also be there for you for each step of your plan.

Have you ever been turned down and just told that you need to work on your credit, but never provide any specific solutions?  Well, it seems that most lenders and banks, do not have the desire nor the training to provide the detailed and necessary instructions to explain what is affecting your score and why.  So, then you are left with guessing where to start, what to do, what to pay off, what type of accounts to open, and just an overall plan for credit success.  Well, that is what we have been perfecting over the last 20 years. Our goal is to help more families overcome the challenge of credit with proper guidance and hands-on assistance through the entire process. So, if you’ve been turned down in the past or just feel that your credit is not good enough to qualify, well then you need to speak with us.

What Is The Difference Between Our Credit Improvement Program and Credit Repair Companies

There are actually quite a few differences between our “Home Buying Credit Improvement Program” and credit repair agencies or companies.  The first difference is the amount of time it takes to see results and achieve your goals.  You have to remember that a credit repair company does not have any incentive to speed up the process or make it quick to see results, because they do not have an ultimate goal along with you of purchasing a home.  Our main business is helping buyers get approved and find their new home, so our program is designed with that in mind.  So, our “Home Buying Credit Improvement Program” is designed to repair and overcome credit issues in the shortest possible time with the most effective results for a home loan approval.  Credit repair companies generate their revenue through fees and a monthly fee is the most important thing to them.  Because most companies only guarantee a 5% to 10% improvement on credit scores or some other variation of this type of minimum improvement.  

There isn’t a guarantee to get you into a home or come close to getting approved for a home.  Their revenue comes from the monthly fee, so they will keep their clients in their program for as long as possible by delivering small improvements here and there, and with many of these improvement only being temporary.  By disputing accounts on a credit report will typically cause the scores to rise and seem to show some type of improvements, but you are seeing a jump or improvement in your credit scores because the credit bureaus have removed the account from their scoring system “Temporarily” while they do an investigation.  Then 30 days later, if the dispute is not successful, that same account is included in your scoring again and your scores go back down.  So, many of these temporary fixes seem to show some improvements, but are not anything that is going to help you permanently improve your scores and reach your goals.  So, be careful with most credit repair agencies, because they will show some improvements, but usually not the kind of improvements it takes to purchase a home and have permanent improvements to your credit score.

That is where we are very different.  Our program is designed to purchase a home and in the least amount of time.  Our revenue comes from approving new home buyers and helping them purchase their new homes, so our home buying credit coaches design our programs with a 30 day to 60 day improvement time or less for an approval.  Some buyers will take longer, of course, depending on their credit situations.  But, we initially start will an overall view of all aspects of loan approval requirements.  So, that means reviewing and approving all aspects of employment, income, and down payment.  We want to make sure that credit is going to be the only issue or problem that is going to keep a buyer from qualifying.  It would be a shame and possibly a waste of time to spend several weeks or months focusing on credit repair and improvement to have something else cause you problems when trying to get approved.  So, we make sure to address all aspects of a home loan approval up front and then work on ALL issues and problems at the same time.

Again, our goal is to get a home buyer approved for a mortgage and get them into their new home, so proper guidance in all aspects of qualifying, not just credit, is our main goal.  As you will see in our testimonials, we strive to provide a better service than other companies when it comes to buying a home.

Set up a FREE Analysis with one of our “Credit Coaches” for solutions and a plan to help you overcome your credit issues.

In the meantime, below are a large number of “Success Stories” of actual families that had been denied or thought they couldn’t qualify, who are homeowners today. These examples are actual credit profiles when we started to when they were approved. And, many of these examples are going to blow your mind, how fast they were achieved.

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Let’s Us Show How We Can Help You With Your Credit Issues and Achieve the Dream of Home Ownership
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