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Home Seller Tips
Get Your Home Ready for the Market
Tips For Selling Your House Fast & For Top Dollar

The first thing to know about selling your home is that it is never too early to start preparing. The spring and summer time are always the busiest time of the year for home sales, so you want to be ready for the most active time of the year for home buyers.  The following are some good home seller tips

Many experienced realtors will suggest that you put in the preparation work before the season even starts. If you delay, you risk having to scramble to get your house ready to list. Even though it’s a seller’s market in many parts of the country, you still need to bring your A-game if you want to get the most value out of your home.

Before you start making repairs or updates to your home, you’ll want to find a good realtor, who can guide you through the process; otherwise you could wind up wasting cash on things that don’t improve your home’s sales value. You can find prospective agents by word of mouth or online. That is part of what we can do for you.

We have a team of experienced and pre-screened agents to help you with the preparation of the sale of your home. Our agent partners know the area and know how to price your home.

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Just because someone does a lot of business in your neighborhood doesn’t mean they’re necessarily good at selling homes quickly. Our agent partners are trained in not only market sales and home pricing, but also how the mortgage lenders and appraisers are establishing value in your area. Because of the extensive mortgage training that we provide to our realtor partners, it makes them better at pricing and preparing for an appraisal than many other agents.

Statistics show that the median home spends 65 days on the market, from the instant it’s listed until the day it closes. But this number can vary widely. Use realtor.com®’s interactive map to find out the median days on market in your area and other local data that can help you determine how well your own agent should be performing.

Spread the word
By finding an agent early on, that person can then start marketing your home simply through word of mouth to other agents, letting them know that your house will be listed in the near future. Doing this may create buzz around your listing—and may even lead you to capture a serious home buyer before your home hits the market.

Plus, you can do some early marketing, too—by telling your friends and family that you’re hoping to sell. Go ahead and post some pics on Facebook and see what happens! Maybe your own social network will deliver a buyer right to your door.

When making repairs, focus on the items that are visually obvious like cracks, gaps, holes, blemishes, and other repairs. As a seller, make sure you keep in mind that the buyer is probably going to perform a home inspection. Being able to anticipate items that a home inspector will flag or address, the faster and smoother the selling process will become for you. Many buyers can be very picky and because a home inspector mentions many items, even though they are minor, may be enough for them to get a bad impression of the home. So, the less items that a home inspector mentions on his or her inspection, the better the impression the home will give the new buyer.

Curb appeal is important, so take care of anything that may take away the attractiveness of the front of the home. Even planting some additional plants and/or flowers may be a good idea to add some color to the front curb view. Trimming trees are like a good haircut, making the home look clean and well groomed. So, take some time to make your home prepared for it’s “Date” with the new owners.

It’s also a good idea to have your HVAC system serviced by a professional now, so that you can tell buyers that you’ve checked the system and everything is running well. And, again it is one less thing that might show up on a home inspection.

Declutter as much as you can. Clutter can be a huge turnoff to prospective buyers. But even for non-hoarders, a thorough decluttering can create space in your home and make rooms and closets look bigger. It’s amazing

Getting rid of your stuff always takes longer than you think, so decluttering just one room each week, starting today, will reduce stress later on.

Depending on how many personal items you choose to keep (donate or sell the ones you don’t, instead of moving them to your next home), it may make sense to rent a storage unit for a couple of months.

And, consider professional home staging if you are able to declutter sufficiently or vacate the home entirely.

Are you looking to buy a new home while you sell? Then you’ll benefit from reading our home buyer section about preparing yourself to buy a new home before putting your current home on the market. With the speed and activity in the current market, it is smart to have your exit planned to avoid future stress.