List of Items Needed for Delinquent Property Tax Loan

List of Items Needed for Delinquent Property Tax Loan

Income & Employment:

  • Copy of W-2’s forms AND Complete Tax Returns for previous year (2016) (All pages)
  • Copies of Most Recent 30 Days of Paystubs with Year to Date figures.
  • Verbal Verification of Employment with employer or 2 yr. business license.(Point of contact for Human Resources or Personnel Dept.)

Down Payment & Assets:

  • Copies of Bank Statements for Checking & Savings for most recent two (2) months (All Pages)
  • Copy of most recent Retirement / IRA / 401k / Pension Statement (All Pages)
  • Copy of Drivers License & Social Security card for all borrowers

Property Info:

  • Home or Property Inspection (If Available)
  • Property Photos of Any Interior or Exterior Repairs Needed on Property

Important Notes:

  • Borrower Can NOT currently be in BK (A Check will be run with Social Security Number)
  • If married, borrower’s spouse will need to sign
  • If Multiple owners, all owners will need to sign loan docs
  • If inheritance or transferred via Probate, then we will need all probate paperwork (Wills,   Affidavit’s of Heirship, or any other deeds transferring property to current owner(s)

Link To:   Property Tax Loan Application