Testimonials & Reviews

Testimonials & Reviews

“I Wish I Would Have Found Them Sooner..”

By Jennifer Castilleja – Became a Homeowner on 11/03/2014

From beginning to end my credit fixing and house buying process was only about 6 months. The staff there was beyond helpful and friendly. When it came time to looking for actual houses the realtor Jaime was so helpful in providing me with properties to check out as well as being prompt in scheduling tours of any properties I sent him, that I was interested in. Going on two years in our house and my only regret is that I didn’t seek out Help For Home Buyers Sooner.

“Awesome Service..!”

By Yvette Perales – Became a Homeowner on 04/2016

Hello, I would like to share my story with everyone out there thinking of buying a home. It’s a Huge investment and you need a professional to help through the process of buying a home. But you’re thinking that it’s not realistic or out of reach because of your credit is not up to par and are afraid of being rejected or you just don’t know where to start or who to contact to ask the correct questions on buying a home. I was in your position a couple of months ago. I was considering of buying a home after renting more than 7 years and didn’t know where to start or who to trust in answering my questions and guiding me in the process of buying a home. Until I received a flyer on my door that read Help For Home Buyers. It stated that they could help with cleaning up credit, answer any questions that you might have in buying a home and steps needed to be approved to buy a home. I made a phone call them and that changed my life. The receptionist set up an Appointment to meet with Jaime Rivera. I do have to say, I wasn’t 100 percent sure that they would help with the process of answering questions that I needed and obtaining an Approval of buying a home but I met with Jaime Rivera and he sat down and answered all of questions and explain to me the documents I needed to obtain approval. He also pulled my credit report and told me what needed to be addressed in order for my credit score to be at the percentage it needed for Approval. Jamie went as far as helping with me with the cleaning up my credit and reached out to the creditors. Once approved for buying a home, Jaime was hands on in looking for the home that I wanted and once he found that home I worked with Loan Officer Cynthia who was so knowledgeable and explain every detail of the Loan process. Knowing that Jaime was only a phone call away and or an e-mail away was very comforting. I am Happy to say that I closed on my home 04/2016! Jaime was very professional, knowledgeable and such a pleasant person to work with. I would Highly recommend anyone looking to buy a home to reach out to Help For Home Buyers! Sincerely, Yvette P.


“The Best Experience.. I Thought it Was Going to Be Much Harder to Buy A Home..”

By David Villegas – Became a Homeowner on 08/31/2016

After months of slammed doors and disappointment in our pursue to find a home, the last phone call I made changed my families life. Help for home buyers are exactly what they say they are. Jamie and his team of professionals embraced my hardships of finding a home and made it a reality.

“Our Experience Was Great..”

By Felipe Graciano on 09/02/2016

Our experience with Help for Home Buyers has been more than satisfactory. We received the help we were seeking and with their assistance we were able to find a reasonable price home with great size and location. Everything we were looking for in a home, we got without going over our budget. They provided us with all information needed for the home buying process making it easier for us to understand what was needed. Throughout the process they were very helpful and professional. While other real-estates were telling us we had to wait about two years to start the process, Help for Home Buyers started our application process within eight months. As first time home-buyers we are more than satisfied with the home-buying experience thanks to them.

“The name says it all..! “

By Elesa R.  – Became a Homeowner on 09/02/2016

Help for Home Buyers totally lived up to their name and went above and beyond my expectations. Jaime and his great staff helped from the very beginning to the very end. I was a first time home buyer and had no clue where to begin. Jaime helped me get my credit to where it needed to be, found a Lender for me and did lots of leg work to help me find a home for my family. He also looked out for my best interest as the buyer and pointed out things that I would not have known to look for, being a first timer. Vanessa was just as great…extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I couldn’t thank them enough. I have referred several family and friends and will continue to do so.


“We are so happy in our new home!.. “

By Cynthia Escarcega – Became a Homeowner on 09/01/2016

We are so happy in our new home!!!! Thank you everyone for everything you have done for us. We are truly blessed to have found you guys!

“Helped me out with fixing my credit to get into a home..”

By Jesus San Juan – Became a Homeowner on 09/01/2016

Helped me out with fixing my credit to get into a home. Now I’m happily in my home out in the country. Thank You Guys

“The entire staff is amazing!..”

By Christina Marie Tapia – Became a Homeowner on 09/01/2016

We are so appreciative of all that you’ve done for us. From the first step into your office, to the first step into our home, you all have been there. The entire staff is amazing!

“They are a great group of people who are very knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for you!..”

By Chris Gracia – Became a Homeowner on 09/01/2016

We were very worried about not being able to get into a house because of my student loans and Vanessa and the people at Help For Home Buyers/First Choice Lending helped us not only to clear the way to get the loan we needed but also made the home buying process easy and without issues. They are a great group of people who are very knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for you! I would and will recommend them to everyone i know who is looking for help. We are now moving into our dream home and cannot be any happier!! Thank you so much for everything!!

“This company helped me buy my first home! Help For Home Buyers..”

By Grace Guerra – Became a Homeowneron 09/01/2016

This company helped me buy my first home! The team is so amazing put up with my picky self to pick the right house for me and my son! I will 100 % recommend to everyone! Thank you so much for helping me in this beautiful journey!

“Completely Satisfied..”

By Roger Martinez – Became a Homeowner on 09/01/2016

It was great pleasure working with Help For Home Buyers. They helped me with my credit and in a month and a half had me looking for a home to buy. I was very satisfied with the effort and very quick timeframe. Thanks Help For Homebuyers.

“Made my home buying dreams come true..”

By Deseri G – Became a Homeowner on 09/01/2016

4 years ago my dream came true as I closed on my first home. Help for Home Buyers, Jaime and his team is who I thank. I was a single mom with student loan and a teacher’s salary. Once they helped get my credit score up and my student loans consolidated, I qualified for a home loan. I opted for a foreclosed property and though it was a lengthy process, Jaime encouraged me every step of the way. He helped me focus on the big picture. My family and I are forever grateful for their help. I highly recommend this company. Thank you, Deseri Gonzales & Family

“Exceptional service!..”

By Lori Altman – Became a Homeowner on 08/11/2005

I used Help for Home Buyers in 2005. Jaime Rivera was my representative. This was my first home buying experience and Jaime was very patient with me and helped me, patiently, throughout the entire process. From looking at dozens of homes, to filling out the all of the paperwork once I found “My Home”. Once the paperwork was done, my loan fell through, but Jaime and his team worked on my file vigorously until a mortgage company could be found. Needless to say, I was an impatient client, but Jaime was very patient with me and assured me that he was going to get me into my home. If needed, I would use Jaime and his team at Help for Home Buyers again and I would recommend Help for Home buyers to anyone looking to buy a home. They are an awesome team to work with!! Thanks Jamie and Help for Home Buyers!!

“Great service..”

By Grecia Guerra – Became a Homeowner on 09/01/2016

I have had a great experience with this company, first of all the people that helped me are amazing and did everything to help me buy my first home. They always kept me informed from the beginning to end, made the process smooth that when people ask me that if I had to do a lot or if it was stressful my answer is always “not at all!” For being a single mother I thought that it would be hard for me to purchase a home having only one income but help for home buyers made it possible. I would definitely recommend this company if you’re looking to buy a home or two.

“Professional and knowledgeable..”

By Elizabeth Contreras – Became a Homeowner on 08/30/2016

My experience with Help for Home Buyers was great from start to finish. They truly deliver great service from the moment that you walk in, to the advice given to help improve your credit, and finally to getting you into your dream home. Cindy, Jaime, and staff are true professionals who take the time to work with their customers and to explain various options you face as a home buyer. I have already recommended them to friends and will continue to do so.

“Great Service.. “

By Jessica Gonzalez – Became a Homeowner on 08/30/2016

I am so pleased to say that I love our very first home. Help for Home Buyers made our dream come true to become home owners. Jaime Rivera went above and beyond for my family, we would look at house at his earliest availability and always made time for us on a daily basis, answered all of our questions and was very helpful along the way. The whole staff from Help for Homebuyers was nice, helpful, professional and friendly. I would recommend Help for Homebuyers to all my family and friends and to any one interested in purchasing a home. Thank you again Help for Home Buyers and to Jaime Rivera for all your hard work.

“We Worked with a Few Others, But They Were The Best.. “

By Vanessa Acosta on 08/30/2016

We worked with a few companies and Realtors, but Jaime and Help for Home Buyers were helpful one hundred percent of the time. Jaime was patient and answered all of our questions. We were new to the home buying process and Jaime was helpful the entire time and made the whole process easy to understand. Thank you for getting us into our dream home Jaime and Help for Home Buyers.

 “The best part is that they’re honest..”

By Jennifer S on 08/29/2016

Help For Home Buyers has taken care of our residential needs twice now. First when we moved into our home 10 years ago and this last time helping to sell our home so we can begin the build process on our new one.  They are with you step-by-step, explain the process, make suggestion in your favor and more.  The best part is that they’re honest. We could have used their financing but our builder was offering better incentives. Instead of making us use their in-house financing, they told us to not use them and use the builder’s instead because it would save us a lot of closing costs. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!



“I had horrible credit, and they helped me get my credit to where it needed to be to get approved..”

By Jennifer Sifuentes on 08/26/2016

I began my house hunting adventure about 5 (or so) years ago knowing I had horrible credit. I knew very little about credit but I knew I needed to have “ok” credit to purchase a home. I came across Help for Home Buyers and I’m glad I did!  They helped me get my credit where it needed within a year to be able to qualify on my own for this big purchase.  It did take several years to purchase but because of my own health and fees that I was set back.  Even though they helped me get my credit where it needed to be and I was unable to buy Jaime and staff were very patient and waited until I was ready and not once did I feel pressured by them.  Once I had my budget back on track I called Jaime and he started working with me right away to find a house for sale that was in my budget.  He made himself available to me to tour houses when one became available.  Let me just say the houses were going off the market like hot cakes and Jaime always kept looking for me for what I wanted.  I finally found one and we looked at it right away since by this time I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and my time was running out.  He moved quickly to try and get the inspection and he negotiated with the seller to fix all problems with the house before we signed.  I felt like he really cared for me as if I i was family.  I signed on my home in a Wednesday and I had my daughter 2 days later, the timing was perfect!  I have now been in my home now for over 1 year and still refer family and friends to Help for Home Buyers.

“You do a very good job, and professional thank you.. “

By adela rivas on 08/26/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Thank you for all your help and service. Good job


“The Quality of Service was Exceptional..”

The quality of service from Mr. Jaime Rivera was Exceptional.  His dedication to his customers was Super.

By Luis Cruz on 08/26/2016


I went to Mr Jaime Rivera in Aug 2009. First he told me that we had to fix my credit in order to get an approval. By February 2010 he told me, “We are ready to start looking at houses”. I told him I did not wanted to get disappointed and not get approved. He told me, “If I knew I was not going to get you approval, we would not be looking for houses” We started looking for houses in March 2010 and by May 2010 I already had my Home. He worked with me all steps of the way, Thanks a bunch, Jaime!!!

One stop shop for Buying a home – Great Service

By Candie H on 08/08/2016

I went to Help For Home Buyers after being turned away by so many companies due to credit issues. They were helpful and guided me through the whole process from the credit repair to home buying they have it all. You don’t have to go several places to buy one house. I would highly recommend there services to all.