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Buy A Home

Everything You Need When Buying a Home.

Find The Best Home Buying Program

Good Credit or Bad Credit, We Can Help. Loan programs for all credit types. Zero Down Programs, Down Payment Assistance, and So Much More.
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Sell A Home

Everything You Need When Selling a Home.

Sell Faster & For Top Dollar

Let Our Real Estate Experts Help You Plan and Prepare for a Smooth Selling Process. Save Time and sell for Maximum Profit.
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Credit Repair & Improvement

With Over 24 Years of Credit Repair & Improvement Experience, We've Designed A Program to Help Families struggling to get qualified because of their credit.

Find Your Best Home Buying Program

Over 12 First Time Home Buyer Programs, With New Programs Getting Added All The Time.
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Home Loans

All Types of Home Loans for Purchase, Refinance, Cash-Out or Home Equity, Investment, Construction, Rehab & Home Improvement.

All Types of Real Estate Loans

Loans For Almost All Real Estate Purposes both Residential and Commercial.
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Foreclosure Relief

Options to Help With Delinquent Property Taxes or Mortgages. Find Out Your Options, And What You Can Do To Get Some Relief.

Get Options For A Foreclosure

Are You Looking For Some Relief for a Tax or Home Foreclosure? We Can Discuss A Few Options To Save Your Home, Save Your Credit, Or A Combination.
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Personal & All Types of Business Insurance

All Types of Insurance

All Types of Home & Property Insurance for Primary, Secondary, & Investment Property. All Types of Commercial & Business Insurance.
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Build On Your Own Lot

Build On Your Own Lot. With Our In-House Designer, you can design your own house. We can provide the construction loan and construction in one package.

Build on Your Own Lot

Or let us find you a lot, and put the whole thing together. Our in-house design team can assist in the design, budgeting, and construction of your new home.
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